Metering Pump Quotation Form
Solenoid-Driven Diaphragm Metering Pumps

Series HC pumps provide membrane electromagnetic metering with microprocessor technology. These pumps offer double adjustment, granting high reliability and excellent metering precision.

  • Digital adjustment of the frequency from 0 to 100% in manual.
  • Mechanical adjustment of the piston from 0 to 100%, which permits the unitary capacity of a single injection pump.


The adjustments are located on the front for ease of control. The pump is constructed of fiber-reinforced polypropylene, an excellent material for its anti-acid and anti-corrosive qualities. This material affords a protection degree of IP65, necessary for the prevention of chemical and atmospheric effects. The metering head is also constructed of fiber-reinforced polypropylene. It is equipped with a standard manual purge valve and has the capacity to house both lip and ball valves.

Solenoid-Driven Diaphragm-Metering Pumps-Wall and Foot Mounting

HC300 C/L

Series HC pumps have the following multifunctions:

  • Microprocessor technology, digital controls, and LCD display
  • Proportional to external digital impulse divider step down
  • Proportional to external analog signal 4-20 mA
  • Constant adjustments of stroke frequency
  • A digital timer for programming
  • Outfitting to host an external flow sensor, ensuring correspondence between pump strokes and injection
  • Output contacts for level alarm signal
  • A standard level control and probe
Metering Motor Pumps - Piston and Diaphragms

The gearbox mechanism is operated by an eccentric cam, which provides a positive displacement delivery stroke. The suction is spring assisted. The unit itself contains a worm wheel reduction system with all the bearings fully supported inside the lubricated gearbox. Valuable features of the pump include high accuracy of metering, high work pressure, adjustment of injection volume, and resistance to aggressive chemicals.